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20 Jan Is it Common to Leak Engine Oil While Parked…? Why Does It Happen?

It’s a common sight on any street or parking lot anywhere: stains of oil dripped, pooled, dried and stained from vehicles parked or at idle. It’s common and possibly even a little annoying when it happens in a cleaned-out garage or on the landscape of...

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20 Aug Summer Heat and Your Vehicle’s Battery

Did you know that summer’s high temperatures are wearing out your battery? It’s true. And in fact, summer heat can be harder on your vehicle’s battery than the wintertime’s lows. And oftentimes those wintertime dead batteries were depleted long before they actually died. All batteries will...

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02 Jul Preventative Vehicle Maintenance: It’s Important…. Here’s Why

As your vehicle advances in age, it will undergo considerable wear and tear, and wear and tear will lead to problems. Preventative maintenance will not only ensure that current problems are fixed, but it will also prevent small problems from becoming much larger. But what...

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