Tips for Driving in the Rain

26 Apr Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be difficult and dangerous. And when the rain arrives in March and April our vehicles might not be ready to handle a sudden deluge. For instance, it’s common in the winter months to accidentally cause damage to our vehicle’s wiper blades, and it can happen when we are either trying to operate the wipers while they are stuck in the ice on the windshield or when we accidently chip away at a wiper’s blade while scraping windshield ice. Regardless, a damaged wiper blade is a hazard in a rainstorm. Check your wiper blades every few months, and not only when you use them. Inspect them and check for damage. Working wiper blades are a necessity, and a damaged wiper blade can be replaced inexpensively and easily.

When you drive on wet roads, remember to drive as attentively as you would on icy roads. It’s possible to lose control of your vehicle on wet roads. And it’s a good idea to keep a good following distance on any vehicles in front of you. A two-second following distance is a standard in good conditions (Two-second time interval between identical landmarks—The vehicle in front of you passes a sign post and you don’t pass the same signpost for, at a minimum, two-seconds later) But on wet roads, it may be a good decision to give the other drivers a slightly longer following distance to account for the possibility of longer reaction times due to the conditions.

When it rains, it’s a good idea to turn on your vehicle’s headlights (Many newer vehicles are equipped with sensors that will turn on the headlights for you whenever the light is low). The light will both help you see the road and to let other drivers see you better; however, it’s a bad idea to use the high beams because the light will likely refract from the rain water and reduce visibility.

It’s not always possible to drive in good weather and on dry roads, but it is always possible to practice certain habits that will keep you safer in the event that the weather turns ugly. Your first responders at City Towing are ready to help tow your vehicle regardless the weather or road conditions, hour of the day or day of the week. If you need professional tow services, remember to call City Towing today.

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