Stay Safe While You Wait for Help to Arrive

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03 Aug Stay Safe While You Wait for Help to Arrive

When you have a vehicle trouble and find yourself stranded waiting for help to arrive, it’s important that you remember a few things to keep yourself safe. First, hopefully you’ve packed an emergency kit and have the supplies you need. Hopefully you’ve contacted your trusted tow professionals at City Towing and you’ve contacted someone you trust to come to your location and wait with you.

When you have vehicle trouble it’s best to get your vehicle as far as possible off the road on the right shoulder of the road. Hopefully there’s a wide shoulder where you can safely park your vehicle, but in the event that there’s not much room (Montana two-lane highways commonly have limited space on the shoulder) try to get the vehicle as far as possible onto the shoulder and turn on your hazard lights; and, if possible, use road cones or other signaling devices to alert other drivers to your position.

It’s also a good idea to remain inside your vehicle. Unless you feel it would be dangerous to remain in the vehicle (The engine is smoking, etc.). It’s likely the safest place. Your vehicle is considerably more visible to the other drivers than you are. Stay out of traffic, and if you find yourself on a busy road and have to exit your vehicle for any reason use the passenger door to step out from the vehicle; remember to always be mindful and aware of oncoming traffic. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle remain at your vehicle. Your tow truck driver and companion (Hopefully you’ve called for help) will be looking for you at the vehicle. Of course, if you feel it would be unsafe to remain at our vehicle, get somewhere where you believe you can stay safe while you wait.

Hopefully you never find yourself in an emergency, but things do happen. And in the event of an emergency, remember that you have the experienced, reputable tow services of City Towing to help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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