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17 Sep Call City Towing to Tow Junk Cars

If you have a vehicle or two parked in your lot or taking up space in your garage, a vehicle that no longer runs and that you’re sure has reached the end of its useful life, then you can have the vehicle towed somewhere where it can be broken down for recycling and parts.

There are a few reasons to scrap a broken-down vehicle. If the vehicle has tons of rust throughout the body work. It is possible for a terrific body shop mechanic to restore bits and pieces where rust has taken hold, but it’s unlikely that an older vehicle can be repaired to a quality condition if the rust is extensive. It’s also a good idea to part out the vehicle if the repairs would total more than the value (Both the physical and emotional value—some vehicles have a sentimental value that is beyond the metal, paint, and tires). Then of course there are the more obvious reasons such as that you don’t need or plan to use the vehicle; and, that the structure of the vehicle has deteriorated beyond the scope of any repair.

When you decide to part with the vehicle, it’s a good idea to check throughout that you haven’t left anything behind. Check beneath the seats and in the glove box and any other storage locations. If the vehicle is on your insurance policy then remove it and be prepared to sign over the title of the vehicle.

If your vehicle doesn’t run, but you plan to take it to a body shop to have the work done, then you could easily have it towed between locations.

If you have any questions about the services City Towing offers, or if you are ever in need of assistance (Remember to keep City Towing’s phone number plugged into the contacts on your phone) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, then call the professional tow services at City Towing.

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