My Vehicle Leaks Oil!

28 Jan My Vehicle Leaks Oil!

Oil leaks are incredibly common, although the reasons for the leak could be one of many. It’s true that older vehicles will leak oil much more regularly than newer, and while the reasons are obvious (The vehicle’s components are degrading with age and everyday wear and tear) the fix might be as simple as the replacement of a few standard components or as complicated as the need of a tow from your professional tow truck drivers at City Towing.

When the components degrade with time and wear and tear they tend to breakdown. The breakdown affects the performance of the components. A damaged gasket or seal, or a damaged ring or bad valve could fail to the point that they allow the oil to leak. An oil pan damaged by rough debris could also be the culprit.

One of the reasons to keep to regular maintenance schedules is to lessen the chance that something small, such as a ring or seal, doesn’t cause something catastrophic. Small components are more easily and cheaply replaced than those that are larger and more expensive. When you check the engine oil the color of the oil isn’t always a reliable indicator of whether or not the oil is clean. The best way to manage your vehicle, and to keep it healthy, is to keep it serviced at the intervals specified by your mechanic; synthetic oils have a longer useful lifespan than conventional.

When you notice oil on the floor of your garage or out on your driveway there are a few things to look for—symptoms are not always a reliable indicator, but are a good place to start before you take it to your mechanic. A large puddle that develops in a short time is a cause for immediate concern. If the leak is serious, it’s best to get it to your mechanic as quickly as possible. A light oil leak should still be taken to your mechanic—if it’s at the end of its current oil cycle, your mechanic can change the oil and replace any damaged components at the same time.

If you ever find yourself in need of a professional tow, even if it’s only to take a vehicle from your home to your mechanic’s garage, then remember to call your tow truck operators at City Towing.

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