Roadside Emergency Kit

27 Oct Roadside Emergency Kit

No one wants or expects to end up with a vehicle emergency and stranded on the side of the road, but it does happen. Imagine you are out on the road at night and suddenly the steering wheel goes stiff beneath your grip; you pull the vehicle to the side of the road and discover the tire’s going flat. A flat tire could happen for any number of reasons, a few of which could be caused by outside factors completely out of your control. And while a situation such as this one might not ever happen to you, it’s still a good idea to stay prepared in the event of the unexpected.

One of the most basic and essential items to carry in your vehicle is a set of jumper cables. And if you want to be prepared in the event that there won’t be others around to help to connect jumper cables to a working car battery, there are models with a lithium battery. (If you do purchase jumper cables with a lithium battery then remember to keep it charged). It’s also good to pack flares or triangle reflectors. Reflectors are small and portable, but provide a much-needed indication to other motorists on the road at night. It’s also smart to pack extra coolant and motor oil, especially if your vehicle has a tendency to leak fluids. Odds and ends include paper towels, a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, bottled water, and a spare ice scraper.

One method to keep your kit together and organized is to place it all in an inexpensive plastic tub with lid. Small items can be packed within baggies and labeled with tape and a marker. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just organized so that you can find anything you need in a moment’s notice.

Another helpful item to have at the ready in the event of a vehicle emergency is the phone number for City Towing. City Towing is ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Keep the number in your phone, but also as a hardcopy on paper in the glovebox, just in case.

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