To Prepare for Winter Driving

27 Oct To Prepare for Winter Driving

It may seem a bit early to be talking about winter weather, but cold fronts and snow are soon to arrive, and it’s better to be prepared and ready than to have to adapt in the moment. Fall and winter driving present certain challenges. Visibility is probably the greatest challenge, and our windshield wiper blades are the only protection we have to keep the windshield clear of water and debris. But oftentimes we don’t know our wiper blades are worn to the point of failure until we have to use them.

Blades can deteriorate over time, imperceptibly, beneath the heat of the summer sun. Wiper blades are made of a rubber that is extremely durable. But durability only goes so far and with constant exposure to the elements will eventually break down that rubber.

So, if you notice that your vehicle’s wiper blades are less than exceptional (lift the blades from the windshield and inspect for cracks or noticeable deterioration) replace them. And if the blades don’t appear damaged, then clean them with a rag and soapy water; dirt and debris can both deteriorate the rubber and prevent a tight seal between the blade and windshield.

If you believe it’s time to replace the blade, first determine the size and type of wiper already on the vehicle (If you’re unsure, then check the owner’s manual for the correct blade size), and if all else fails, then measure the length of the current blade with a tape measure. To replace the blade, lift the wiper up from the windshield and press the tab on the underside of the wiper; the tab is located where the wiper blade meets the arm. The blade should slide free.

If there is any dirt in the connection point of the wiper arm, clean it before you put on the new blade. Then simply snap the new blade into place, pressing until there is an audible click. Once replace, check the wipers, turning on the wipers and wiper-fluid to make sure the new wiper blades function appropriately.

Hopefully this tip helped, and for any other assistance, including emergency tow services available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, call the professionals at City Towing.

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