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How much does a car paint job cost?

11 Apr Collision Repair Billings MT

Unfortunately, a ding or dent in your car, truck, or SUV will happen. They come in all shapes and sizes, including pepper-sized rock chips in the hood and parking-lot-related door dings and dents.

It’s not always going to be your fault; you can’t control the behavior of everyone else. Not everyone is going to share your sentimentality to your car, truck, or SUV; not everyone is going to appreciate how much effort you put into keeping your paint job scratch-free and shining.

Sometimes dings and dents happen because of an unfortunate act of nature: winds during a storm break a tree limb that falls onto the hood of your car; hail stones the size of golf balls ricochet from the roof of your camper. But luckily the collision repair experts at City Towing can erase many of those dings and dents with a little work, getting your vehicle back out on the road, looking its absolute best self.

To begin the process, Billings Collision Repair will work with your insurance company; hopefully, if the ding or dent was accidentally caused by another insured motorist who had the consideration to leave a note with contact info (Accidents do happen, and it’s always best to leave a note!).

Billings Collision Repair will work with your insurance company, providing them an estimate, and then fixing the ding or dent or scratch. Billings Collision Repair also works hard to accurately color match old and new paint. 

And you know you’re in good hands with an auto body shop that has taken the time to become a NAPA certified repair center, and even offers nationwide warranties on auto repair services. And Billings Collision Center is also an eco-friendly shop, and the paints used are waterborne paints that do not produce harmful emissions.

If you have any questions about how Billings Collision Repair can keep your vehicle out on the road and looking its best, or if you are in need of lockout or tow services (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, serving the Billings area and surrounding communities), then call today.

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