Summer Heat and Your Vehicle’s Battery

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20 Aug Summer Heat and Your Vehicle’s Battery

Did you know that summer’s high temperatures are wearing out your battery? It’s true. And in fact, summer heat can be harder on your vehicle’s battery than the wintertime’s lows. And oftentimes those wintertime dead batteries were depleted long before they actually died.

All batteries will have to be replaced. Premature battery wear happens when excessive heat evaporates the fluid within the battery. The loss in fluid damages the internal structure of the battery. Premature wear is also caused by overcharging.

To keep your battery in top shape for as long as possible, it’s best to keep it as healthy as possible. For instance, make sure that your vehicle’s electrical system is charging your battery at the correct rate; a damaged or malfunctioning voltage regulator could allow too great a charge, which would likely deteriorate the battery prematurely. If you have a battery that requires a “top-off”, remember to check it regularly and to add distilled water whenever is necessary. When you do replace a battery, replace it with a battery of the same rating, or as the one originally specified (If you are unsure of the appropriate battery, check the owner’s manual). And remember to clean a dirty battery. Batteries do get dirty, and dirt can become a conductor, draining the battery power. And as corrosion accumulates on the battery’s terminals, and it will eventually, that corrosion can become an insulator, and the increased insulation will inhibit the current flow within the battery.

The problem with vehicle batteries is they can leave us stranded. Batteries are a simple component, and easily charged or replaced, but if you do ever find you need the professionals at City Towing to help you when your battery has died and left you stranded, then call today. City Towing’s experienced technicians are available and ready to help twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year.

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