Keep up and Maintain a Vehicle in Storage

26 May Keep up and Maintain a Vehicle in Storage

There are numerous reasons why folks would store a vehicle in a garage. The vehicle could have potential such as mechanical fixer-upper, or it could have seldom needed work purposes such as hauling lumber or furniture, or it could be a beautifully restored antique used seldom in the warmer seasons for an afternoon joy ride or as a participate in a show or parade. In every instance, it’s important to keep the vehicle in operable shape, keeping the fluids and fuel at optimal levels. Here are a few tips to ensure that your vehicle remains in reliably operable shape.

When you store the vehicle, remember to clean it prior to storage, and clean it periodically throughout its periods of downtime. Dirt can deteriorate your vehicles paintjob, and any potential damage/moisture could even cause metal surfaces to rust.

The tires should be a primary concern. When you park the vehicle, ensure that the tires are filled to optimum PSI. When the tires are deflated unevenly, it’s possible for the tires to deteriorate unevenly and prematurely. And if you do ever need to use the vehicle, it’s unfortunate to discover an unexpected flat.

It’s also a good habit to store the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. When a vehicle is stored, it’s possible for moisture to build up in the tank.

The battery is another component that can unpredictably deteriorate over time; it’s possible to store a vehicle with a supposedly reliable battery in one month only to discover that the battery is completely drained of power the next month.

If you do ever find that your stored vehicle is grounded for any reason, and you need it towed, then remember the professional tow services at City Towing are ready, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help. Keep your professional tow services number in your phone’s contacts at all times; you never know when you’ll need it.


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