Improve Fuel Economy and Extend The Life of Your Car

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10 Jul Improve Fuel Economy and Extend The Life of Your Car

Do you spend more money on your vehicle than is necessary?

I know that it might be hard to believe, but if you spent a few dollars doing regular preventative maintenance on your vehicle, it would save you in the long run and could improve your fuel economy, as well as assist you in avoiding expensive repairs down the road.

In our world today, car manufacturers are creating more economical, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced vehicles. Vehicles with better features, more fuel efficient and the last longer and longer. Because of increasingly stringent emissions standards, today’s vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever before. But this is only the case when they are maintained to the manufacturer’s standards.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you save at the pump:

Tires-Inspect, balance, check inflation and rotate tires. Check inflation on the spare and make sure the jack is in its place.

Engine Performance- if your engine isn’t properly maintained it maybe difficult to start in cold weather, if even at all. It may run rough and lose power. Have fuel, ignition and emission control systems checked, necessary components replaced and adjustments made.

Use the right tires – Use the type and size of tire recommended by your manufacturer for optimal performance. The wrong tires can increase your fuel consumption and will likely wear more quickly.

Battery and electrical system-How old is your battery? If it’s three or more years old, it should be tested and replaced if necessary.  Have your battery terminals cleaned and tightened, because loose or corroded connections can cause symptoms of a weak or dead battery.

Check engine light – Your dashboard indicators provide you with important information about your vehicle, including its fuel economy. If your check engine light is on, bring your car in to have it checked out by a Certified Service Technician at Metric Wrench.

Replace your air filters – Your car is equipped with a number of air filters to prevent contamination of important vehicle systems. Replacing these air filters as recommended by the manufacturer can save you up to 10% on fuel.

Check your gas cap – A missing or cracked gas cap will allow gasoline vapors to escape from your tank.

Have your car inspected – A regular inspection in the spring and the fall can help you identify other problems that may be affecting your car’s performance, such as misfiring spark plugs, sagging belts, worn brakes or transmission problems.

Prevent Major Damage
Spending a little on maintenance can go a long way toward preventing major damage that can leave you stranded and cost you a lot to repair.

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