How to Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

28 Jan How to Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are essential to safe driving. When the wiper blades are damaged or worn to the point of ineffectiveness, driving can be both frustrating and dangerous. When you drive in a climate like Montana’s, it’s easy to forget the wiper blades; seldom does the spring-fall weather in Montana require regular use of the wiper blades.

And all those months the blades spend seldom used, the sun and dirt/grime stuck to the wiper’s rubber deteriorates the blades to the point of being ineffective. There are symptoms and tell-tale signs when the wipers need to be replaced. Initial performance issues include spots and streaks on the glass. The blade may also squeak or sound scratchy as it goes over the glass. And, when you inspect the blade, you notice that the rubber appears dull or it is worn/torn.

First, determine the type of wiper blade you need. The exact size and the type of wiper should be listed in your owner’s manual, but if you can find it there then check the wiper. Measure the length of the wiper. You will want to replace the old wiper with one of identical size.

Lift up the wiper arm. On the wiper, there should be a joint, made of plastic, and oftentimes there is an arrow indicating to which direction the wiper should be pulled free. Turn the wiper perpendicular to the wiper arm and detach the old wiper blade. Once the wiper blade is detached, you can clean the arm of dirt and grime and then attach the new wiper blade. The new wiper blade should have instructions on the packaging if you need assistance.

Once both wiper blades are in place, try them out. Use windshield cleaning fluid and make sure the wipers clear away the fluid effectively and efficiently.

Routine vehicle maintenance is absolutely important. It’s also important to know who to call for assistance. Remember to keep the phone number of your trusted tow professionals at City Towing in the contacts list in your phone, and remember that City Towing is ready to help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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